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About me

The walk itself can be specific to your requirements and your dogs' needs: On or Off lead? Solo or group? Short or long? Do they prefer fields, splashing in the water, a gentle stroll round the streets, etc? Would you like me to work with them on obedience training, recall, or socialisation? Whatever is best for your best friend. We'll be together for an hour or more, so we may as well make good use of it! At the end of the walk I'll give them a good rub down with their own personalised towel (Mrs GDW's idea - do you think she's feeling a little 'empty-nested'?) and when we get home I will obviously refresh their water bowl and make them comfortable and relaxed before I leave. 

I'm Nick and my goal is to help as many people as possible to help their dogs achieve a balanced happy life. The first, and simplest, step towards this is through regular exercise. Whether it's bounding around a field as part of a small pack, or just a stroll around the block, the energy expended - both physical and mental - is an essential part of a dog's life and can go a long way to reducing 'unwanted behaviours'. 

I am currently working towards becoming a dog behaviourist, in order to help dogs who have developed behaviour problems, which is why I am particularly keen to meet dogs that need solo walks to start off. As stated in the 'Solo Walks' section, we will hopefully get to a point where they will be able to join in with the group walks, if desired. Every time I walk a new breed it is an opportunity to research their breed characteristics, so I can constantly improve my knowledge, and am able to answer more of my clients' questions and to give a better all-round service. If you do have any questions or concerns about your dog's behaviour please feel free to ask. If I do not feel qualified to help with your specific problem, I will at least be able to point you in the direction of the people and resources that can help you. 

I will always adhere to your instructions with regard to routines, rituals or any special considerations when it comes to your dog's needs. For example my 5yr old staffie, Dylan was born with something called Carpal Flexural Deformity and as a result we have to be careful not to overdo his physical exercise - less running, more walking - and concentrate on exercising his mind more to drain his seemingly boundless levels of energy! He'd come on every walk, every day, if he had the choice, but we cannot let him run around anywhere as near as much as he would like, poor boy. 

I am fully insured, dog first aid trained, and DBS checked. I have completed several Dog Instruction and Dog Behavhiour courses with the Academy of Modern Canine Behaviour and Training (AMCBT), and will be undertaking further courses later this year (... and next year, and the year after that, and the year after that...)

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