Short Walks 1/2 hour
If you have an older citizen, or your dog requires less exercise than average for whatever reason (low energy breed, health constraints, etc.) I can take them for a shorter walk, so they still get to experience all the smells, sights and sounds they need to exercise mind and body. 
Even walking on-lead around a different area for a little while can help prevent dogs from getting bored and frustrated.


Solo Walks 45-60 min

​If your dog does not recall well, is nervous or tends to misbehave around other dogs, I am happy to do a 1-on-1 walk with them, providing they do not have serious dog aggression issues. I will ensure they receive the same level of stimulation as the groups get, and will even work with them to improve their recall/behaviour with a view to progressing them to be able to participate in the group walks, if that's what you would like.

Most of my customers work 9 to 5 and need me Monday to Friday. But I can also help if you have an irregular shift pattern - you may need me 3 times one week but not at all the next. Perhaps you have a day out or special occasion planned that is not suitable for pets. You may have health issues, be it illness or injury, and are just not up to completing your usual walking routine. Or you might just want to give your best friend a treat in the form of a group walk with us. If you just need someone to pop in and let your little one out for a toilet break and have a little playtime, I can do that too.
Whatever your reason, I guarantee a fun filled time your dog will love.

We begin with a meet and greet, where I visit you for a free consultation. We can all get to know each other and you can tell me about your dog's lifestyle, any health issues, what treats they're permitted, and what you all require from me. It would be helpful if we could all go for a short walk together too. 
We can also use this opportunity to introduce him or her to the van, so they're comfortable with it when I come to collect them. Then, if everyone is happy, we complete the agreement form and confirm the arrangements for the first walk.

63 Beauchamp Avenue,
PO13 0LQ
07939 117565


Home Visits 1/2 hour
If you just need someone to pop in and feed your pets and refresh their water bowls, I am happy to oblige. I will also clean up any pet-related mess, pick up your post and stay and play with them so they have some company to break up their day. And for puppies I will spend some time working on their basic obedience training, if you wish.

​​​"it's all about the dog"

How it works

Group Walks 45-60 min

​​Groups of usually no more than 4 dogs will be matched as closely as possible, according to temperament and energy levels.

I will always strive to make the walks as varied and interesting as possible, in both location and content, and promise to bring your buddy home clean, happy and tired.

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